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The Therapy Center helps patients in the Longmont area to achieve optimal health and mobility.

Our Treatment includes Physical Therapy, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Manual Therapy Expertise, Massage Therapy, Fall Prevention Program, Medical Dry Needling, Disability Ratings, Functional Capacity Evaluation, Preemployment Screening, Warm Water Pool Therapy, Work Conditioning services. We have helped numerous patients and look forward to working with you.

Doctorate trained Physical Therapists are experts in musculoskeletal dysfuncton, movement disorders, and exercise for wellness.

Colorado's Physical Therapy Practice Act allows patients or clients,  to obtain "direct access" to a Physical Therapist for evaluation and treatment and does not require a physician referral.  There are a few insurance carriers (Medicare and Workmans Compensation) that still require physican referral.  We will contact your insurance carrier to verify your benefits.  Our practice has established, excellent professional relationships with local physicians. 

Call to schedule an evaluation to determine if Physical Therapy may be of benefit for your accident, illness, and injury care, as well as fall prevention and wellness programs.

All required forms are easily accessed on this website. Our scheduling representative will provide you with directions on which forms are needed or important in your care.  Some forms are statistically reliable outcome tools that document functional change and may be required by your insurance carrier to process claims.




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