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Physical Therapy: Physical therapists at The Therapy Center in Longmont are movement experts who can optimize your quality of life through hands on manual therapy, exercise and patient education. We care for patients of all ages and abilities. We diagnose and treat health conditions and pathology using a customized and specialized plan of care to reduce pain and improve function. Goals of treatment can vary from improving mobility, pain management, improving strength and coordination, fall care, pre and post operative rehabilitation, return to sports, as well as prevention. Our goal is to empower you to be an active participant in your care.

Tai ChiTai Chi is now being offered at The Therapy Center. Tai Chi is described as “meditation in motion” and could very well also be called, “medication in motion”. There is medical evidence that practicing Tai Chi, which originated in China, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. You can get started now even if you aren’t in top shape or the best of health.

Fall Prevention: A structured exercise program to prevent falls in the elderly.  The program addresses  risks for falls and includes a special designed program that focuses on balance, strength, and agility, as well as instruction in assistive devices.  This is an approved benefit for Medicare patients.

Manual Therapy: Manual and manipulative therapy encompasses the treatment of musculoskeletal ailments of various etiologies through 'hands-on' physical intervention.  A manual therapist provides comprehensive conservative management for spinal and extremity joints and neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction.  A stringent post graduate education process is well respected within the field and among different professions. Manual intervention is based on sound scientific research and clinical basis.  Physical treatments include mobilization and manipulation of joints, soft tissue mobilization, various connective tissue techniques, myofascial and trigger point release, mobilization of neural tissue, visceral mobilization, and strain/counter strain.

Laser and Modalities : Modalities available include ultrasound, iontophoresis, low level cold laser, neuro muscle stimulation, TENS, interferential electrical stimulation, deep intramuscular stimulation

Kinesiotaping: Kinesiotaping is used by Physical Therapists to promote the body’s natural healing process and give support to muscles, ligaments and joints. This special tape allows for more effective movement patterns without restricting range of motion.

Functional Dry NeedlingFunctional Dry Needling is a treatment technique performed by a manual therapist who has documented competencies determined by the State of Colorado. Dry needling is performed using a sterile, single use, mono filament fine needle inserted into a muscle or trigger point, as well as relevant spinal segments for the purpose of affecting change in body structures, managing neuromusculoskeletal conditions, reducing pain and movement impairment. Dry Needling, with or without electrical stimulation, improves blood flow and immune mediators, reduces H ions and releases tight bands known as myofascial trigger points. Therefore the technique provides physiological, biomechanical, and chemical changes as treatment for acute and chronic pathology and often times can be dramatic and immediate.

Geriatric Physical Therapy: Geriatric physical therapy covers a broad area of concerns regarding people as they continue the process of aging, although it commonly focuses on older adults The goal of geriatric physical therapy is to help restore and improve functionality, reduce pain, and increase mobility for better strength, balance, and quality of life.

Warm Water Therapy Pool: 3 to 5 feet depth, temperature 90 to 94 degrees.  The pool allows buoyancy to improve walking capacity in conditions such as spinal stenosis, allows early return to function, and is great for post op rehabilitation and prenatal exercise.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy: Involves the manipulation of soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, muscle spasm, and stress. Massage therapy improves the functioning of circulation, lymphatic, muscle tone and length, skeletal, and nervous systems.  Massage therapy can be performed by Physical Therapists as well as certified massage therapists.   

Exercise TherapyOur facility is equipped with state of the art exercise machines, pool therapy, free weights, theraband, as well as balance and proprioception equipment.  Exercise programs increase range of motion, flexibility, balance, strength, power, endurance, proprioception, speed, sport participation, and plyometrics ability.

Work Conditioning: A program for those who are not able to return to work because of unresolved physical problems following acute care. The treatment focuses on restoration of work-related function. Work conditioning programs address physical issues of flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and work related function for the global outcome of returning a patient to work or eliminate restrictions.

Disability Ratings: Computerized testing of range of motion of injured joints after Maximal Medical Intervention has been determined by physician.  Motion deficits are determined by measures accepted by Colorado Workman’s Compensation Laws.

Pre Employment Testing: This program is developed in cooperation with local employers to best match potential hired workers to safe jobs, for the goal of reducing likelihood of work related injury.  Testing programs are individually designed to test work capacity for specific physical jobs identified by the employer.  Testing may include Biodex strength/ power testing, Computerized Range of Motion evaluation to determine pre existing impairment, and work simulation.

Health Club Membership: A low cost service to allow discharged patients to continue exercise in a safe environment. 

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